Hello and welcome!

We look forward to you becoming a part of Eat Well Bebe's growing family and  allowing us to help make life easier for you whilst caring for the environment.

Eat Well BEBE was inspired by our Founder Chanel wanting to help make a difference in family homes.  She has spent time with different types of families and realised if they had someone who could take a long winded task off their hands and still provide the best for their little one then that would be a great thing. 

There are parents who work, parents who are very tired, parents who have such large families that balancing everything isn't always the easiest thing to do and this is where Eat Well Bebe steps in! 

Not only does it give time back to families, it also allows families to feed their babies healthy and organic produce at an affordable price without chunks of food waste. Each product is made fresh on a weekly basis and delivered on the same day to our customers.