Terms & Conditions

Orders need to be made before 11pm on selected days (currently Friday & Saturday) and will be delivered the next day between 11am - 16:00 on a Saturday or 10am - 14:00 on a Sunday. 

Our delivery is done In-house, allowing us to guarantee delivery days & time slots provided. This also enables us to maintain a great quality customer service. 

If you wish to cancel an order, this needs to be done by 11:30pm the day before delivery. The money will be refunded to your account and you should see it within 10 calendar days of notification of cancellation. 

Once produce has been made and delivered, we do not accept returns.

Ingredients used & Allergens are set out clearly on our website on our website, by placing an order, you agree to be liable for any allergic reactions which may occur.

We also provide you with a booklet on your first order with us, setting out each fruit, vegetable and pulses used by us and have also added any allergens we may use. 

Fruit and veg are not mixed with any possible allergens during the cooking process. 

Recycling Scheme
Join our 'Care for the planet' scheme and hand your clean jars back to us so that we can re fill them for you on your next order. We also do the same with our bags.